Tibet Tourism

Tibet Tourism

Posted By: Tashi Delek Nepal

Have you ever imagined yourself into some wonder world where you are amongst the high mountains and Himalayas, peaceful environment with chimes singing soul-pacifying mantras, where you wander among alpine vegetation, lakes and serene landscape which is rugged yet beautiful? Tibet matches the description aforesaid. Tibet tourism is an introduction to the land of wonders, the Shangri-La City and the highest plateau in the world. You shall have the well preserved and rich cultural heritages in the form of art and architecture dominated by the Vajrayana schooling of Buddhism, colorful festivals and traditions, sacred mountains and lakes along with the guardianship of Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world.

Why should you be a guest of Tibet?

If you want to be away from the hustles of busy life and into the some peaceful surrounding and travel into the region full of natural, scenic, geographical and bio diversity, Tibet Tourism is a perfect match for you.

Covering about a quarter of Chinese territory, Tibet was formed due to the tectonic movements millions of years ago. The marvelous variety that including deep valleys and varied landscapes, extensive grassland and desert-like geography, modern development that exist in perfect harmony with the ancient cultures and traditions, diverse flora and fauna along with the unique Tibetan lifestyle and architecture is the reason Tibet should have a place in your list of travel destinations.

This Autonomous Region of China, Tibet is divided into six prefectures and a municipality and hosts some of the major cities of China including the Shigatse, Tsetang and Gyantse. Tourism in Tibet opens up a new avenue of understanding if not taking your understanding of the world into a new level; the message and diversity offered by this region of China is powerful. Tibet has over one lakhs high grade plants, about 473 species of birds, 2300 species of insects and 142 species of mammals along with deposits of 126 different minerals.

Tour to Tibet provides you the opportunity to witness the unique ‘Sky Burial’ where the dead body is offered to the vultures, regarded as the angels who take souls to heaven. Tibet tourism also introduces you to the several styles of stupas, cultures and festivals of different ethnic groups and hardship in this geographically difficult landscape. Celebrate the Tibetan New Year, explore the culturally rich monasteries to watch Thangka making, visit to the much famous Potala Palace (winter palace of the Dalai Lamas) and other temples including the Jokhang Temple as well as the Manasarova Lake, Namtso lake (world’s highest salt water lake) and sacred Mt. Kailash. You shall have a lot of reasons to cherish about when you visit to the Tibet.

Keep in mind the following

Tibet is one of the most beautiful regions in the whole of China and also one of the tightly monitored and regulated areas as well. You need to have necessary permits for the tour in Tibet. The most basic permit needed is the Tibet Permit that is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. This permit has to be taken by the foreign nationals, Taiwanese and Overseas Chinese Tourists. The exception to this permits are Diplomats, Journalists and government officials who have to get their documents processed through the Foreign Affairs Office. You cannot enter this region of china without having this permit. If you want to travel to the unopened areas of Tibet including the Mount Everest Base Camp in Shigatse and Samye Monastery in Tsedang, you need to have Alien’s Travel Permit issued by the Public Security Bureau. If you want to travel to more sensitive areas in your Tibet Tour, you need to have Military Area Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit along with the permit from Local Cultural Antiquities.

Be clear on the Visa requirements and the local laws and take care of the things that may hurt the local sentiments. Respect the local laws, customs and traditions, follow the guidelines and instructions of guides and leave no footprints on the land to avoid any problems during the Tibet Tour and expeditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, carry on your camera and leave worries behind because you are going for a wonder tour to have beautiful memories of your life. Have fun. Tashi Delek!