Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

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The Langtang valley lies north of Kathmandu on the frontier with Tibet. The area is declared a national park and the region is inhabited by Tamang people (of Tibetan extraction) whose main occupation is agricultural, or the grazing of yaks, which provide wool, milk and meat. The mountains of Langtang, though not the highest in Nepal, are no less spectacularly impressive. The Langtang Valley Trek  trail passes through forests of oak, birch and pine, hung with Spanish moss and hosting delicate orchids. In spring the alpine meadows bloom with a profession of wild flowers and plants. The region is also the home of the red panda, musk deer and remarkable variety of bird life.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:

We drive to Dhunche (1966m), the administrative center of the region. It is about 7 hours drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche. We will camp near Dhunche.

Day 2:

We follow the graveled road for a while. We cross a river and take the steep path through shady woods to our lunch spot at the village of Bharku (1844m). From here we ascend through chirpine and rhododendron forest to crest a 2250m ridge. From here too there should be fine views northward of the snow peaks in Tibet, and to the northeast the summit of Langtang Lirung (7245m). After a short descent we reach Syabru (2118m), a pleasant village strung out along a ridge.

Day 3:

The main trail to Langtang contours down along a ridge and through forest to the Langtang Khola. This dayâ??s walk is most fascinating, the forests are alive with bird life and there is a lot to interest the plant lover. Camp near Lama Hotel.

Day 4:

With intermittent views of Langtang Lirung, we climb steadily above the valley to the police check post of Gore Tabela (2889m); a short distance beyond is Langtang village (3307m). The houses are Tibetan-style and surrounded by stonewalls enclosing small fields of buckwheat, potatoes, turnips and barley. Camp near the village.

Day 5:

A short dayâ??s walk to the summer pasture settlement of Kyangjin (3749m) the nearby monastery is well worth a visit. There is also a cheese factory, built in 1955 with Swiss assistance.

Day 6:

A day hike to Langtang Ri (4900m), an excellent viewpoint, head west from Yala, or continue circling up the hill. From Kyangjin you can also head up Langtang valley to Langsisa Kharak for views of Langshisa Ri (6310m), Khang Chhempo (6388m) Ahead lies the main Langtang glacier, to the south is the beautiful Buddha peak and the terminus of the main Langtang glacier.

Day 7:

From Kyangjin we descend the trail through Langtang village and Ghore Tebela to Lama Hotel.

Day 8:

A lovely morningâ??s walk downhill to a familiar lunch spot by the river. We shall aim to spend a little longer here to enjoy the bird life before reaching to Syabru.

Day 9:

Continue retrace our steps to Dhunche.

Day 10:

Drive back to Kathmandu.

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