Mt. Sishapangma Expedition (8012m) , Tibet

Mt. Sishapangma Expedition (8012m) , Tibet

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Sishapangma The 14th 8000m. Peak
Season: August – October, April- May

Shisa Pangma, at a height of 8,012m, ranking the 14th highest mountain in the world, is located at 85.70 east longitude and 28.30 north latitude stands in the middle section of the Himalayas mountains. entirely in Chinese territory. In Tibetan language, “Shisa Pangma” means “severe climate”. With its bizzarre sight and shape, the serac area, at an altitude of around 5,000-5,800 meters above sea level, happens to be the most fascinating of all, looking just like a lively “yard of ice crystal groves”. To the east of Mt. Shisapangma is Mt. Molamechen (7,703m) to the west are Mt. Xiteng (7,792m) and Mt. Nandengri (7,205m) and to the north is Mt. kangbochen (7,281m).

The climate of Shisa Pangma is quite close to that of Mount Everest. The best time for mountaineering activities comes each year in April, May, October and November when in one month more than two nice days maybe available two-three times and over three nice days one-two times at an interval of some five-nineteen days.

We fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet or drive from Kathmandu to Kodari, the border line between nepal and Tibet. We will spend some night in Lhasa visiting all valuable places and sanctuaries. Then we drive 670 kilometers from Lhasa through Gyangze and Shigatse on the Sino-Nepal Highway to Xegar. Then, 138 kilometers westward through Tingri County and Menhadun, and another 50 kilometers along a simply-built road. The mountaineering base camp site is at an altitude of 5,114 meters, located at the end of the Yebodanggle Glacier.


Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Arrival to kathmandu.
Day 2: Kathmandu Tour.
Day 3: Kathmandu Tour.
Day 4: Drive to Kodari to Dzangmu.
Day 5: Drive to Nyalam.
Day 6: Nyalam.
Day 7: Drive to BC.
Day 8: Rest.
Day 9: Preparation for ABC.
Day 10: Trek to ABC.
Day 11: Trek to ABC.
Day 12: Rest.
Day 13: Climbing preparation.
Day 14-32: Climbing Period.
Day 33: Clean ABC.
Day 34: Trek to BC.
Day 35: Clean BC.
Day 36: Nyalam to Kathmandu.
Day 37: Nyalam to Kathmandu.
Day 38: At Kathmandu.
Day 39: Kathmandu.
Day 40: Departure.

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